TeElle Marie (dwellindarkness) wrote in nny_loves_me,
TeElle Marie

[1]Name: TeElle
[2]Age: 15
[3]Gender: Female
[4]Where are you from: Romeo
[5]Who is your favorite Jhonen Vasquez character: its a tie between wobbly headded bob and happy noodle boy
[6]Why: happy noodle boy: because he is absolutely insane. and wobbly headded bob because its rad how he tries to be so nice and sad how everyone doesnt get him..
[7]Favorite band: the cure
[8]How do you feel about Avril Lavigne: i think she should rot...
[9]How do you feel about Marilyn Manson: he is amazing
[10]Do you do any drugs: yea sometimes
[11]What kind: just week cause im a looser
[12]Do you drink alcohol: no
[13]Are you racist/homophobic at all: no i have no fucking right to be
[14]Why should I let you join this fine community: i dont know...why should you let me join?

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