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i dont know if this commuity is very active, but im bored, so here.

[1]Name: Mishka
[2]Age: 17
[3]Gender: F
[4]Where are you from: Georgia
[5]Who is your favorite Jhonen Vasquez character: Devi
[6]Why: she has very sharp sarcasm
[7]Favorite band: In Flames
[8]How do you feel about homicide: i dont believe in it, personally. its just an entertaining comic
[9]How do you feel about suicide: its pathetic and selfish. ive had friends who commited suicide that had every opportunity in the world to go do better things
[10]Do you do any drugs: pot. thats it.
[11]What kind: pot
[12]Do you drink alcohol: occasionally
[13]Are you racist/homophobic at all: nope. everyone is beautiful in some way
[14]Why should I let you join this fine community: i was looking for a jv community that wont let just anyone in and that doesnt amplify how "gothic" it is to be a fan. cuz thats lame.
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