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---> FaiR iS...aS FaiR DoeS <---

Fill this out if you'd like to join. How you answer these questions will determine if you will be added or not.

[1]Name: Lee
[2]Age: 17
[3]Gender: Chick
[4]Where are you from: Burrillville RI
[5]Who is your favorite Jhonen Vasquez character: Johnny
[6]Why: He does everything I wish I could.
[7]Favorite band: Marilyn Manson
[8]How do you feel about Avril Lavigne: I FUCKING HATE HER...POSER BITCH
[9]How do you feel about Marilyn Manson: <3 <3 <3 Marilyn Manson is my God <3 <3 <3
[10]Do you do any drugs: I sure do
[11]What kind: Weed, and perscription drugs.
[12]Do you drink alcohol: Yes.
[13]Are you racist/homophobic at all: No.
[14]Why should I let you join this fine community: ---- I MADE IT. ----

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